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    cyber experience center total control center
    Total Control Center is a security facility not open to the general public.
    The center is similar to that of an air traffic control tower, which we frequently see in TV programs or movies.
    It controls and operates to ensure on-time train operation.
    Although the facility is an off-limit area for the public, we are providing a quick overview as below.

    LDP (Large Display Panel)

    LDP(Large Display Panel)  

    LDP is a device displaying train number and the status of train operation. The entire sections are displayed in total integration to provide easy control for the operator in controlling train operation inspection among the entire sections of the main track.


    TTC (Total Traffic Control)

    TTC(Total Traffic Control)  

    TTC controls operation and collectively inspects the status of the entire train operation. It enhances operational efficiency as it remotely controls train operation inspection and requires minimal operation personnel. The equipment improves transportation efficiency of the railway, with the overall purpose of improving operations.


    DVR System

    DVR System   The monitor enables the train operator to check the status of train operation or passengers of a certain station. The system allows checking of how the train is being operated and how many passengers are using the subway in all stations managed by Seoul Metro.
    Wireless Communication

    Wireless Communication

    Wireless Communication  

    This device allows interval control between trains through wireless communication with enginemen. The wireless system allows enginemen to communicate withone another so that operation status and other required matters of caution can be exchanged.


    The status of all trains that operate in the subway displays on the display panel in the Total Control Center. The entire operation course of a train, from start to the destination station, is inspected and controlled by a computer. This cutting-edge technology is becoming the foundation of speedy and safe operations.

    Seoul Metro has established perfect operational planning, ensuring reliable and safe operation: safety management enhancement through strong driving force, worn-out facility refurbishment and advanced equipment introduction to improve safety, minimize passenger inconvenience due to equipment malfunction through timely response and building malfunction corresponding arrangement.


    Cyber Experience - Train Inspection

    Here is the Sinjung train depot where inspection and maintenance for a Line 2 train is taking place. A train that completed daily operation as scheduled is arriving to this train depot and receives regular inspection and maintenance. Here, a train which became dirty through daily operation will get cleaned up.

    On-arrival inspection
    On-arrival inspection will take at least 24 hours. The inspection will be repeated in two months or as required.
    A train that arrived in the warehouse will receive an inspection designed for specific points.
    Each part of the train will be categorized as either the ceiling part, interior, or upper and lower, and the train will go through an intensive inspection procedure according to the check list of each part.

    Train Cleaning
    A train that completes on-arrival inspection will then go through the cleaning process. Both the interior and exterior will be thoroughlycleaned with water in order to maintain a clean environment.

    Maintenance Shop
    Once every two or four years, comprehensive inspection and maintenance will take place on about 36,000 train parts. A train arriving for the service will be dismantled into top and bottom sections. And then the core parts such as engine, axis and brake devices, will e dismantled for thorough inspection and maintenance.
    Upon completion of the entire inspection and maintenance at the train depot, the train will be reassembled to resume operation. Passengers are able to use a clean and safe train every day because of the efforts carried out behind the scenes in the maintenance shop every single day.

    A day of a crew member

    There are people moving a large city behind the scenes where no one can see."
    We will trace the daily activity of an engineman who operates a subway used by 10 million people every day.
    Na Young is an engineman who has been working in the field for 20 years.

    He also commutes to his work place by subway just like other people. This is the moment where he can consider himself a passenger, which is the most important time of a day.

    His day starts at Sinjung crew office.
    He puts his crew uniform to start work.
    Neat and clean attire is the start of kind service for passengers.

    He first goes through the service inspection sheet and operational instruction sheet. The operational instruction sheet which he is checking now contains all the safety matters to be cautious related to today's operation.
    As an engineman, his priority is the safety of passengers.
    Sin Seung-gook, is his assistant who will work with him today. While he operates a train, his assistance will check the doors of subway and take charge of announcement for the safety of passengers.

    After the preparation in the crew office, they are now moving to the train depot to start the operation of a train. Na Yong has 15 years of experience in the field thus train operation would be like a piece of cake however he always checks every details of the driving section as if it is his first operation day.
    Now is the time to start a train after finishing the driving section inspection.
    The train that departed the train depot will run through Line 2, the center of Seoul. It will safety transport massive numbers of people from one location to another.

    "Speed limit is 50Km. When people drive their car, they could just glance at the signal and simply pass by. However, we have to check with our naked eyes, say out loud to confirm, and indicate it with our hands. All this is to provide maximum safe operation."

    A life as an engineman of a subway is consensus with strangers whom pass by the window outside. Although enginemen and passengers never encounter one another, it is the promise of silence. Passengers trust enginemen while enginemen do their best to provide safest operation.
    Today was just another same day with no accident however for Na Yong, it is another day that he accomplished his goal.


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