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    Subway Fare

    The Metro transit fare is set to a distance scale that unifies all of the metropolitan subway sections (based on the shortest traveling distance).
    Classification Traffic Card Single Journey Traffic Card
    Adults * Basic Fare : 1,250 won up to 10km

    * Additional Fare
      - Between 10km and 50km : Additional 100won per 5km
      - Over 50km : Additional 100 won per 8km

    * But, if you are using the inner suburb section and those
      non-suburb sections (Gyeongbu Line~Chonan)
      successively, the fare for the inner circle will be charged
      first followed by an additional 100 won for every 4km of the
      non-suburb sections you have travelled.
    Additional 100 won on the
    traffic card fare
    (aged 13-19)
    20% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won / Basic Fare: 720 won No discount (adult single ticket price)
    (aged 6-12)
    50% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won / Basic Fare: 450 won


    When passengers transfer from a subway to a bus or a local bus, the transit fare is computed according to the combined distance scale rate system in which all sections or zones that have been traversed are added together. (Instead of paying a separate fare upon transferring, passengers are charged an extra fare for the additional distance they have traveled beyond their fare zone.)

    The basic fare applies to a travelled distance of up to 10km. Beyond this point passengers
       will be charged an extra fare for every 5km traveled.

    - Regardless of the transportation mode and the number of transfers during a trip
       (a maximum of five transfers is allowed per passenger per trip), the basic transit fare applies as long as
       the traveled distance is within the minimum traveling distance of 10km (can transfer for free). (Basic fare
       of 1700 won up to 30km for Seoul Metropolitan, Incheon Metropolitan Express and Gyeonggi Direct
       Express Buses; Basic fare of 1500 won for Gyeonggi Express Buses.)

    - If the combined traveled distance, on all modes of transportation, is beyond the minimum traveling
       distance, passengers will be charged an extra fare of 100 won for every 5km traveled.

    - If the combined unified fare exceeds the sum of the unified fare for each mode of transportation used,
       the final fare will equal the aggregate of the fares charged on each mode of transportation.

    Applied Circumstances

    - Seoul buses (main roads, local lines, circular, town, metropolitan), Gyeonggi buses
       (regular city buses, town, express, direct express)

    - Incheon buses (metropolitan, express, direct main roads, main roads, local lines)
       and transfers within the subway.

    What Methods to Apply

    - Passengers need to place their traffic card on the transit card reader whenever they get on or off.

      ※ If they do not place their card on the sensor they will lose all of their free transfer privileges.
          (They will be required to pay a separate fare for each mode of transportation they use.)
    - If they switch to other modes of transportation within 30 minutes of their previous use of public
       transportation, they will be subject to the total combined distance scale rates.
       (If they get on after 30 minutes it is regarded as an independent journey and a separate fare is charged.)
      ※ But, taking early morning or the night into consideration, the length of time allowed for transfer will be
          extended to 60 minutes between 21:00 pm and 07:00 am.

    Discount Rate

    Discount Rate
    Category Discount (Bonus) Rate
    Single Journey Ticket - Adult fare (including youths): 1,350 won (up to 10km), no discount rate
    - Children: 450 won (up to 10 km), 50% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won
    Prepaid Commuters' Ticket Only for the Seoul Metropolitan Area
    (KRW 55,000)
    Use up to 60 times within 30 days after purchase
    ※ Prepaid tickets are valid only for Seoul Metro Lines 1 ~ 9 and for rail sections operated by KORAIL and AREX within the Seoul area.
    The section from Bupyeong-gu Office Station to Kkachiul Station on Subway Line 7 is outside of Seoul city limits.
    Fares by distance
    (KRW 55,000 ~ 102,900)
    - Fares are calculated based on travel distance to your final destination within the Wide Area Subway lines and Metropolitan Subway lines.
    - Prepaid tickets can be used only for the subway (Wide Area Subway lines and Metropolitan Subway lines).
    However, they cannot be used for the Airport Railway or Sinbundang line.
    Transportation Card - Adults: 1,250 won (up to 10 km), no discount rate
    - Youths: 20% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won
    - Children: 50% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won
    Group Ticket - Adults: 20% discount on the regular adult fare
    - Youths: 30% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won
    - Children: 60% discount on the regular adult fare minus 350 won
    * Every 20th person is free. However, if the total of the discounted fares is less than the basic group fare, the basic fare will apply.

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