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    Automatic Train Stop Device

    Automatic Train Stop Device

    Train Driver Safety Device

    An alarm will go off when a train driver takes hands off of the wheel and the train will stop automatically.


    Train Wireless Device

    This device allows to control the operation from total control center and changes the operation information
        with the train driver.


    Safety Device for Doors

    A train will not be able to depart unless the door is completely closed.
    The door will absolutely not opened if the speed of the train is more than 3km/h.

    Emergency Safety Device

    Total control center and operation handling center of a station may stop the operation of the subject train in
         caseof emergency.

    Introduction of Safe Guarding Equipment

    Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
    - Place it in platforms and transit rooms within every 20m walking distance.
    -Photo: ABC Power type
    (3.3 ~ 20kg capacity)
    lndoor Fire Hydrant Indoor Fire Hydrant
    - Place it in platforms within every 50m walking distance
    Spring Cooler Head Spring Cooler Head
    - lnstall in 4.6m spacing to the right direction on the ceiling of a transit room.
    - ln case of a fire, the cooler will automatically activated when the heat reaches 72℃ on the head.
    Evacuation Guide Lights

    Evacuation Guide Lights
    - This light displays a door for evacuation passage. This green light is installed on the ceiling.
    - l mprovement Plans:
    Increase the emergency power from 20 minutes→60 minutes

    Passage Guide Lights

    Passage Guide Lights
    - A white light installed on
    the walls to guide
    an evacuation passage.
    - l mprovement Plans:
    - l ncrease the emergency
    power from 20 minutes →
    60 minutes.

    Harlon,Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Equipment Harlon, Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Equipment
    - An automatic fire extinguishing
    equipment installed in each facility
    machine room related to electric.
    - Installed in transformer rooms,
    electric rooms,
    s ignal communication and machine rooms  (Average 50kg).

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