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    Safety Rules in the vehicles

    gnitable and inflammable substances of any type such as butane gas, lighter and  petroleum are  prohibited
        to be brought into the station building.
    Please keep from bringing your pets. If it becomes necessary to travel with them, use the designated carrier.
    Do not damage facility and attachments in the vehicles and building.
    I t is prohibited to attach illegal articles or illegal soliciting in the building.
    Please keep from eating food or beverage in the vehicles.
    The entire routes, stations and vehicles are non-smoking areas.
    Please be cautious and considerate when other passengers are accompanied with the physically
        disabled and children.
    Please be cautious your part of body, clothes and personnel belongings are not caught between the
        vehicle doors.

    Safety Rules in the subway

    When the vehicle is pulling up to the station please take one step back.
    Please let the passengers to get off of the vehicles first before entering.
    Make sure your feet does not fall into the space between the platform and the vehicle.
    Please be cautious not to let aluminum balloons or fishing rods come in contact with high voltage line.


    How to Use an Escalator

    Place your foot inside the yellow line marked on a footboard.
    Kindergartner and elementary grade children are advised to ride the subway with their guardians.
    Place your foot inside the yellow line marked on a footboard.
    Make sure to hone on to the handrail.
    Make advance arrangement to get off.
    Do not lean your body outside of the handrail.
    I t is dangerous to get on the handrail.
    Do not sit on the footboard or take off shoes.
    I t is dangerous to play around escalators.


    How to Use an Elevator

    Please do not get on an elevator if there is too many people already and refrain not to l oad heavy objects.
    Please do not abuse the control panel in the elevator.
    Do not 'stump' inside the elevator.
    Make sure to grip on to the handrail.
    Please do not load impact on the elevator door.
    Should sudden suspension or blackout occur in operation, contact the management using the provided     interphone.
    Please do not dump litter between elevator doors.
    Please do not swing the elevator door or attempt to open it forcefully.

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