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    Setting up a screen door

    Objective : Aims to provide pleasant space, great convenience to citizens, reduction of noise that occurs
       during train operation, eliminate displeasures occurs from train wind.
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    Before   After

    Installing Highly Efficient Air Cleaners

    Objective : Aims to contribute towards reducing the level of the micro-dust through installing highly efficient
       air filtration devices. An additional device will be installed around the inlet port of the external device which
       would reduce particles.
    Subject : Total 718 Stations
    Result of Construction : 108 Stations (Air supply in 105 station buildings and 3 in main subway)
    Project Plans : The construction for the station building and cooling facilities is in progress together
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    Before   After

    The improvement of concrete roadbeds

    Objective : To replace gravel roadbeds which turn into the main source of cause for micro-dust by
       undergoing the state of being cracked into pieces and worn away generated by the train operation,
       with those of concrete and to improve the air quality within tunnels. - Subject: Lines 1-4 (226.7km)
    Result of Construction : 41km
    Project Plans : 7.9km
    Before   After
    Before   After
    Before   After

    The improvement of aged ventilation facilities

    Objective : Install new or expand existing ventilation capacity within station buildings by replacing air fan for
       ventilation and air filtration devices.
    Subject : 97 stations on lines 1-4
    Result of Construction : Completion of the 56 stations on lines 1-4
    Project Plans : Sports Complex, Hoehyeon
    ※ In the process of construction at Bangbae station and Wangsibri station.

    Raising the height of the ventilator

    Objective : To raise the height of the ventilator by more than 1.2m and let air of good quality stream into the
       station building.
    Subject : The ventilators of entire station building
    Project Plans : There has been a construction delay in some of the areas due to the complaints raised by
      the affected residents. However, we are carrying out the construction project through constant efforts to win
      those people over on the grounds of the public interest.
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