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    This is an outline of the current business activities and status of Seoul Metro.
    With 36 years of experience in urban railroad operations and subway construction and our accumulated professional knowledge, we have successfully implemented various domestic and overseas railroad projects, including project management (PM), systems engineering (SE), operation and maintenance consulting (O&M) projects and the operations management of new transportation businesses, as well as the export of electric trains to Vietnam and a project in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

    New Transportation Projects

    - PM (Project Management)
    - SE (System Engineering)
    - O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Consulting
    - Operations Management
    New Traffic Project

    Track record of project implementation

    Export of used electric railroad cars to Vietnam

    Launch event for the exporting of rail cars to Vietnam
    (Launch event for the exporting of rail cars to Vietnam)
    Project summary
    Operation method : conversion into tourist railroad cars
    Operation route : Hanoi Yen Vien ~ Halong Bay (163km)
    Train assignment : One train with 7 cars (1 locomotive, 6 passenger railroad cars)

    Date of export : July 10, 2008

    Feasibility Study of Subway Line in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

    Line map in Ulan Bator
    Line map in Ulan Bator
    Project summary : Total subway line length of 49.4km, 35 stations, in Ulan Bator, Mongolia
    Project period : August 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010
    Project content : Training and feasibility study on O&M

    Master Planning and Feasibility Study for Railroad in Jabotabek, Indonesia

    Project location : Jakarta and Jabotabek, Indonesia
       - Route : total of 150.04km (7 lines, including Circular Line and Bogor Line)
    Project period : January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2012
    Project content : train operation plan, maintenance and repair system improvement

    Overseas Projects in Progress

    Working Design for Tracks of Urban Railroad Line No. 1 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Project Summary
    Project scale : 20.2km, 14 stations, 1 train depot
    Project cost : KRW 340 million
    Project period : October 10, 2013, to December 31, 2014
    Area of participation : Working design of tracks
    Project Content
    Interface design of railroad tracks to ensure smooth operation
    Design and review of optimized urban railroad track structure
    Feasibility study and design of train depot
    Draw up plans for urban railroad considering safety, maintenance and repair, and environmental friendliness
    This was Seoul Metro’s first working design of railroad tracks, paving the way for it to advance into overseas markets.

    Consultation on Bangladesh Railroad Signaling Improvement Project

    Train depot to be improved
    Train depot to be improved
    Control panel to be improved
    Control panel to be improved
    Project summary
    Project scale : 70km, 11 stations
    Project cost : KRW 1.61 billion
    Project period : January 2014 to June 2016
    Area : Support for bidding (bidding documentation, evaluation, contract negotiation, etc.)
    Prepare bidding documents
    Establish special contractual terms and conditions and bidder screening guidelines
    Research and analysis of various bidding methods to establish a proper bidding system
    Estimate and review contract volume
    Write special contractual terms and conditions
    Establish technological assessment criteria after determining bidder selection method
    List bids after obtaining basic design materials
    Advancement into overseas railway projects by developing and delivering signaling improvement technology tailored to the Southeast Asian market
    Based on the experience in overseas project implementation and management we gained through this project, we offer consulting services to domestic engineering companies that have obtained orders or intend to enter overseas markets.

    Thailand Signaling Improvement and Modernization Project

    Project Summary
    Project scale : Signaling improvement for 80km-long route between ST5 Chachoengsao Station and Kaeng Khoi Station (12 stations)
    Project cost : KRW 5 billion
    Project period : 2014 to 2016
    Project area : Signaling equipment improvement

    Overseas Projects in Progress

    Technological Training Program for International Railway Officials

    Training Program
    - Trainees: 85 persons from 9 countries 2008 ~ 2009 : Vietnam (21 persons)
    2010 : Laos, Thailand, Mongolia, and Vietnam (16)
    2011 : India and Mongolia (15)
    2012 : Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh (13)
    2013 : Thailand, Indonesia, Libya, Vietnam, and Azerbaijan (20)
    - Training content
    Theory : railway operation, Korean culture experience
    Field trip : Urban railway construction site and control post, etc.

    - Purpose of training
    Building network among personnel engaged in urban railways to facilitate information exchange
    Publicizing the status of Seoul Metro Rapid Transit and promoting Seoul City

    - Follow-up management after training
    Seoul Metro English News and technology information regularly sent via e-mail
    Continued communication among program participants through SNS such as Facebook

    - Achievements
    Publicized project capability by demonstrating technological capacity of Seoul Metro
    Built network by inviting key officials of overseas railway authorities, paving the way for taking overseas project orders

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