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    As an effort to diversify the income structure solely reliant on the transportation business and to
    enhance management, the new business development team opened its Business Development Center to
    specialize in areas such as train depot multi development, railway station area development, solar
    power and wind force development.

    Cultivate new businesses through public offerings and promote multi-development projects

    Promote multiple developments near the Sadang railway station area (transit center)
    Developmental Concept
    Transit Oriented Development
       - Car-free
       - New green way
    New Urbanism
       Alternative to city development promoting green earth
       - Art Avenue
       - Shoppertainment
    Promotional Effect
    Ensure a three dimensional transit system: Ride&Ride
    Reduce congestion: F → E (25%)
    Reduced traffic congestion at the Sadang intersection :
       10km/h → 21.7km/h (117%)
    Improved transit distance (Subway↔Bus):
       267→158m (42.7%)
       economic effect of 1.7 billion won per year
       (28,525 people per day)
    Transit Center Layout
    <Transit Center Layout>
    Promote multiple developments in the Sinjeong train depot area
    Develop multiple complexes, such as an artificial lot on the upper level of Sinjeong train depot and convenient/commercial facilities for residents.
    Scale: Upper level 13 F / Total area 246,450㎡
    Application: Culture theme park, welfare/daycare facility,
        business center/stores, English village, Metro office,
        sports center
    Method: Third party public offering by means of
        public funding
    Promotional effect
    Re-create urban space by connecting isolated regions
        to the train depot
    Catalyst of local development (factorize the contribution
        of the train depot)
    Ensure a community foothold through expansion of
        public spaces
    Enhance management and remove operational debt

    Promote a strategic new project for achievement creation

    Install new business facilities in the idle lot at the Gunja train depot
    Develop the waste materials yard in the Gunja train depot to enhance the surrounding environment. Create new revenue sources to improve management.
    Lot 12,687㎡, upper level 4F, 72 hitting boxes

    Promotional effect
    Create revenue infra by effectively utilizing wasteland
    Increase synergy by developing the local area around
        the waste depot
    Dissolve operational debt and improve management
    Install Solar Photovoltatic Power Generation Facility at Sinjung train depot
    In line with the Sinjung train depot multi-use development, install the facility at the top of shunting track (about 39,600㎡) which is non-organized artificial land.
    Power Generation: 1,638㎿h/year
    Construction Cost: Around 10 billion won
    Promotion Experience: Installation plan(‘08.6.24) if Solar
         photovoltatic power generation facility, validity investigation

    Promotional Effect
    This will bring an opportunity to actively participate in the new and
        recycle  energy policy promoted by the government and Seoul city.
    Contribute in urban aesthetic enhancement by designing the facility
         based on regional theme or the surrounding environment.
    Maximize the use of land by installing the solar photovoltatic power
         generation facility.
    A location diagram of Solar Photovoltatic Power Generation Facility
    <A location diagram of Solar
    Photovoltatic Power Generation Facility>


    Facility Improvement through Private Capital Investment

    Implement remodeling of Chungmuro subway station and organize movie-culture space

    Replace finishing material of the ceiling (FRP→Non-flammable material) which is weak for fire by a way of private capital investment, expand safe facility for passengers, remodel the subway building facilities and organize a movie-theme park.

    Development Scope: Waiting area and platforms of Chungmuro station on Lines 3 and 4.
    Development Scale: 1~4F underground, total area 16,593㎡
    Development Application: Install screen doors at platforms and sprinklers. Remodel promotion center,
         exhibition center, theme cafe, small-size theater, open studio and the subway building.

    Tunnel of Dream Platform Remodeling Movies Theme Park
    <Tunnel of Dream> <Platform Remodeling> <Movies Theme Park>

    Promotional Effect

    Budget Saving: Around 31 billion won expense reduction with private capital investment
    Prevent incidents and promote customer satisfaction. Construct new-concept based subway building and
         increase a number of passenger.

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