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    Seoul Metro The happy subway you want to stay in,
                    is being made better everyday by a happy workforce.
    Seoul Metro opened the doors to ‘the subway era’ with the launch of its Line 1 in 1974, which led to
    innovation in transportation history. Functioning as the main lifeline of Seoul, as well as the center
    point of metropolitan public transportation, Seoul Metro, much like its in creased speed, has developed
    at a blistering pace in various areas.
    At present, trains drive a length of 137.9km through 120 stations and function as the reliable feet of 10
    million Seoul citizens. Used by 4 million people per day and 1.44 billion people per year, it upholds the
    position of largest urban railway and carries a new meaning that goes beyond being a simple means of
    Seoul Metro is safer and more convenient than any other subway, while continued efforts are being made
    to provide the best service possible. As our citizens start and end their day with Seoul Metro, we put
    our passengers first and aim to create a subway of happiness and a new hope for tomorrow.
    Corporate ldeology

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