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  • The perspective of Seoul Metro

    Founded as Korea’s first subway system provider on August 15, 1974 to provide mass transportation to
    the citizens of the Seoul Metropolitan area, Seoul Metro was the first local public enterprise to be
    established under Article 49 of the Local Public Enterprises and the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit
    Corporation Establishment Regulation.

    Operating Subway Lines 1 to 4 in the highly dense Metropolitan area of Seoul, we transport an average of
    4 million people each day, or 45% of the daily metropolitan subway riders on these lines, as of December
    2012. With competitive passenger transport volumes and fare revenue advantages over our competitors,
    boast the world's fourth largest number of passengers.

    In particular, Line 2 has operated more than 0.2 billion km of service as of June 5 2006 over its 22 years of
    operation, a first among Korean operators, and has carried 30 billion passengers as of May 22 2007. This
    figure is equivalent to an average of 3,000 trips for each one of Seoul’s 10 million citizens.

    Corporate Profile [as of end of December 2009]
    Name Seoulmetro
    CEO Kim Tae-Ho
    Headquarters 5 Hyoryeong-ro,Seocho-gu,Seoul
    Establishment September 1, 1981
    Authorized capital KRW 9,500billion
    Paid-in capital KRW 7,627billion
    Revenues KRW 898,686 million
    No.of Passengers 4 million persons[daily]
    No. of Employees 9,150 persons

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