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    Seoul Metro is becoming the place where the door to
    a happy future is opened.
    "Dreaming bigger by communicating with customers."

    Welcome to the Seoul Metro website.
    Where our customers begin and end their day, Seoul Metro always accompanies you to make you feel happy during your daily routine.

    Since the opening of Line1 in 1974, Seoul Metro has been the essential cornerstone of mass transportation for Seoul Metropolitan citizen by operating Line1 to Line4. For last few years, Seoul Metro has been carrying out a variety of large cultural projects to transform its subway stations into warm, welcoming spaces for cultural and the arts. Also, we are building an era of ubiquitous access to the digital world on our trains through high-speed wireless internet, leading to the future.

    We will communicate with our customers.

      We are trying our best to communicate with customers to make the change oriented toward you. We will open more channels, both on-and off-line, for interactive communication with our customers. We always welcome your advice through our various channels. Please be the "owner" of our company and lead us to better change.

      We are moving forward toward becoming the best metro in the world, with th goal of becoming a "The Best Urban Rapid Transit, No.1 Metro." We will continue to focus our dream, so please be a part of this process.

      As the subway is sharing the experiences and daily lives of Seoul's citizens, the Seoul Metro website is always open to you. Please visit us whenever you want and make it your own domain.


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