Seoul Metro CI

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro

Safety : Citizen Safety, Service : Public Services, Seoul : Transportation Corporation

CI of Seoul Metro has symbolized the alphabet “S”, representing Seoul Metro’s willingness to place its utmost priority on citizen safety and securing public service.
By expressing “S” as a means of transportation with a dynamic image of running both on and under the ground, it presents the future vision of Seoul Metro that aims for an integrated operation of public transportation.
Also, the symbol of CI consists of a circle, symbolizing circulation, earth and world, and the color blue, representing trust and reliability, all of which express the determinationof Seoul Metro to become thebest corporation in the world by establishing a smooth transportation system.

Utilization of Signature Color

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro

SM Blue

CMYK : C100 M95 YO KO
Pantone : 2746 C
RGB : R43 G57 B144


SM Gray

Pantone : Cool Gray 11 C
RGB : R102 G108 B113

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro
  • SM Blue
  • CMYK : C100 M95 YO KO
    Pantone : 2746 C
    RGB : R43 G57 B144

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro
  • Black
  • CMYK : CO MO YO K100
    Pantone : Black C
    RGB : R35 G31 B 32

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro
  • SM Gold
  • Pantone : 873 C

서울교통공사 Seoul Metro
  • SM Silver
  • Pantone : 877 C