CEO Kim Tae-ho Seoul Metro

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Seoul Metro and Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation have merged to be newly launched as a new entity. Seoul Metro is a global-level urban railway operation agency in charge of Seoul Subway Lines 1 through 8 as well as the 2nd stage section of Line 9 (282 stations, 304.5km) in which more than 6 million Seoul citizens use the safe and convenient urban railway service every day. Under the mission of “Safe Urban Railway, Convenient Transportation Service”, all of the employees at Seoul Metro strive to achieve the vision of “Happy Citizens, Reliable Company, Global No. 1 Seoul Metro”. Placing “safety” as its utmost priority, Seoul Metro performs integrated management of the entire subway facilities, personnel structure and system. All resources and infrastructure of Seoul Metro are optimized for achieving “safety”. The “safety” of subway will be achieved by not only safety management of the operating agency but also the user’s understanding of and consensus on safety. We kindly ask for your support and interests as we strive to become the “safe subway” and “reliable public enterprise”.