How to use the subway

Observe the rules of etiquette for a better subway environment

Subway Etiquette

10 Basic Etiquettes to Enjoy a "Happy Subway Train" 100 Times More

  • 1. Do not push and shove on a crowded train.
  • 2. Let passengers get off the train before you board.
  • 3. Offer your seat to pregnant women, people with children, and the physically disadvantaged.
  • 4. Do not walk or run when riding an escalator.
  • 5. Turn your cell phone to vibration mode and keep your voice down while on the phone.
  • 6. Do not buy things from peddlers in subway trains.
  • 7. Do not run or speak aloud on subway trains.
  • 8. Fold up your newspaper for others or take it with you when you get off.
  • 9. Keep to the right when walking in subway stations.
  • 10. Do not try to get an illegal free ride on a subway train.

How to use the subway

Ticket Purchase

  • Select the station of arrival on the screen of the single journey traffic card ticketing machine. Or select the designated station by using the line search engine at the bottom right of the screen. Next, select the number of tickets to purchase and insert the fare and deposit fee of 500 won. The ticketing process will start, and the single journey traffic card will be issued. After you get off at your destination place your single journey traffic card on the deposit payment return machine and 500 won will be refunded.
  • Prepaid traffic cards need to be recharged, and passengers are able to use them until the balance has been exhausted. Deferred payment traffic cards will include your public transportation usage fee on your credit card bill.
    Entering & Exiting the Gate Please make sure that you check the correct gate of your destination and place your traffic card on the traffic card reader when passing through the gate.

Getting on the Subway

  • When the train is pulling up to the station please take one step back and make sure your feet do not fall into the space between the platform and the train. When the train door is about to close please do not rush to board the train. Wait for the next train, instead. Before getting on please make sure the train is, in fact, heading in the direction of your destination.


  • If you need to transfer to another subway line, please ascertain the correct transfer station. You can easily get to the platform of a transfer station by following the signs marked “Transfer” and “Direction to Transfer. ”You can transfer without having to pass through any turnstiles so you do not need to buy a separate ticket for transfer purposes.


  • When the train pulls into the destination station check the exit in the direction of your destination and walk through the turnstiles by placing the traffic card on the card reader. If it is a single journey traffic card, once you insert the traffic card into the deposit return payment machine your 500 won deposit will be refunded.