Railway Business Status

Seoul Metro is the best partner with 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in operation and construction of urban railways. Seoul Metro is perfectly executing railway projects both at home and abroad. Seoul Metro is involved in O&M (operation & maintenance), consulting, PM (project management), SE (system engineering), route extension of the urban railways in Seoul, and new transportation business.

New Transportation Business

  • 运营及维护(O&M)咨询
  • 系统工程(SE)
  • 路线延长
  • 新交通项目(有轨电车等)

Project History

Line 7 Extension & Operation Project

  • Project Summary
    • Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Incheon Metropolitan City, Bucheon City (Conclusion date of the operating contract: 26 Sept. 2012)
    • Project Section: Line 7 Onsu Station – Bucheon City Hall Station – Incheon Bupyeong-gu Office Station (9 stations)
    • Total Distance: 10.25km (0.44km in Seoul, 7.41km in Bucheon, 2.4km in Incheon)
    • Operation Period: During the existence of the urban railway facilities (Under the 2nd clause of Article 5 of the construction agreement)
    • ※ However, the operation period of the Incheon section will be determined before the opening of Seongnam Section.
  • Key Project Tasks
    • Calculating the annual business income and operation cost of the extension section
    • Managing the administrative affairs, establishing and carrying out the maintenance plan

Preparing for the operation of the Sosa-Wonsi Line and subcontracting the commissioning task

  • Project Summary
    • Project Size: 23.4km extension (12 stations)
    • Project Period: Jan. 2017 – opening date
    • Project Scope: Preparing for the operation and subcontracting the commissioning task

Gimpo Urban Railway Project

  • Project Summary
    • Project Size: Preparation of 「Gimpo Urban Railway Operation & Maintenance」 (by a private subcontractor)
    • Client: Gimpo City
    • Project Period: Total of 82 months
    • Preparation Period: 22 months (01 Jan. 2017 – 31 Oct. 2018)
    • Operation Period: 60 months (01 Nov. 2018 – 31 Oct. 2023)
    • Project Scope: Overall operation, maintenance, and management

Feasibility Study for Jakarta LRT system Phase II

  • Project Summary
    • Project Size: Section 2 of LRT1 (light rail for roads 14.2km)
    • Project Period: Mar. 2017 – Aug. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Calculating the operation & maintenance cost of Section 2 of LRT1 (light rail for roads 14.2km)

Planning for the Modernization of Rail Transportation System in Yangon, Myanmar

  • Project Summary
    • Project Scope: LRT/MRT system for the new airport section (Yangon- Mingaladon – Hanthawaddy)
    • Project Period: 30 Nov. 2016 – 30 Jul. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Introducing the examples and policies in Korea for modernization of the railroad system of Yangon, Myanmar
    • Pre-feasibility study
    • Policy maker training
    • Execution of policy and proposal tasks

Myanmar Mandalay-Myitkyina Railway Improvement Feasibility Study financed by EDCF

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: ‘17. 11. 15 - ’18. 5. 22
  • Tasks
    • Understanding the improvement plan for Myanmar Mandalay-Myitkyina part
    • Research on social, economical, land use status along the rail sector
    • Provide viable plan for design, construction, installation, and O&M of Mandalay-Myitkyina railway sector.

Support for the Development of Sustainable Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Urban Railway in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Project Summary
    • Project Period: 08 Mar. 2017 – 31 Jul. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Providing recommendation and analysis on the O&M plan of Ho Chi Minh City Metro

Track design for Ho Chi Minh City railway line 1 in Vietnam

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: Oct. 2013 – Dec.2015
  • Tasks
    • Review of Track design
    • Estimate cost and time required to build track system in Ho Chi Minh City Metro line 1
    • Develop technical plan for installation, test, operation and maintenance of track

Enhancing Public Private Partnership for Urban Metro Projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: Sep. 2015 – Jun.2016
  • Tasks
    • Review of public transportation plan in Ho Chi Minh City
    • Consultation on introducing PPP(Public Private Partnership) method in metro project development.
    • Assessing financial and technical feasibility in developing metro project via PPP mode.

Ho Chi Minh Metro Line 4 PPP GIF Feasibility Study

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: Aug. 2017 – Dec. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Provide feasibility report relating to financial, technical, economical, and social impact.

Supporting the Development of Cairo Metro’s TVM System

  • Project Summary
    • Project Period: 14 Nov. 2016 – 15 May 2017
  • Tasks
    • Providing recommendations and analysis results of comparison between Cairo Metro and Korea

Public-Private Partnership for Urban Transportation Infrastructure in Colombia

  • Project Summary
    • Project Period: 14 Nov. 2016 – 30 Jun. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Providing finance measures of PPP for the city transportation infrastructure in Columbia

Consulting service for Operation and maintenance of MRT3 System

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: Dec. 2015 – Dec. 2017
  • Tasks
    • Assistance on operations and safety concerns
    • Assistance on maintenance concerns
    • Assistance on special repairs(items not covered by regular maintenance programs)
    • Assistance in the process not covered by regular maintenance programs)Procurement of any and all requirements programs and projects of mrt3 and/or DOTC relative to mrt3
    • Procurement of LRVs
    • Upgrade of the power supply overhead and track systems and depot stabling and maintenance facilities
    • Signaling system upgrade

Rehabilitation and Modernization of Mandalay – Myitkyina Rail Line

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: ‘15. 3. - 4
  • Tasks
    • Check operation status of railway system in Mandalay – Myitkyina Rail line
    • Estimate cost and time required to conduct feasibility study and rehabilitation project required in Mandalay – Myitkyina Rail line.

Employment of consulting firm for Meter Gauge Carriage design and specification, preparation of bid document, assistance in bid evaluation and contract negotiation and supervision on manufacturing of Meter Gauge Carriages

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: 2 years after contract signature
  • Tasks
    • Technical consultation in regard to purchasing Meter gauge carriage
    • Prepare bid document, evaluation standard, o&m manual, and training relative officers in bangladesh.

Replacement and Modernization of the existing railway signaling system at 11 stations of Chinki Astana – Chittagong section of Bangladesh Railway in East Zone

  • Project Summary
    • Project period: ‘13. 12 - ’18. 1
  • Tasks
    • Review of detailed design and supervision of upgrading train control system
    • Establishment of preliminary operation plan for signaling system
    • Preparation of Bid documents and assistance in Bid evaluation
    • Setting up inspection plan and procedure for signaling systems
    • Participation of takeover inspection of signaling systems
    • Development and preparation of manuals, guidelines, and training courses for O&M
    • Management of maintenance equipments, tools and spare parts
    • Fulfillment of test & commissioning for takeover
    • Warranty repair management during defect liability periods