Guideline on Handling Safety Equipment

How to use a fire extinguisher

  • Step.01 Removing safety pin : Pull the safety pin of a fire extinguisher. Only grab the upper lever with your hand.
  • Step.02 Pointing in the direction of fire : Point the hose towards the fire (3 to 5m from the fire with wind blowing from behind)
  • Step.03 Upper lever : Firmly grab the upper lever (handle)
  • Step.04 Shooting agent : Shoot the agent evenly toboth sides of the fire

Precautions prior to use of fire hydrant

  • When shooting the fire extinguisher, make sure to stay far enough not to get burned
  • Shoot up and down with wind blowing from behind
  • It may cause suffocation if used in underground spaces or places without windows
  • Be careful for frostbite caused by evaporation when shooting
  • Make sure not to inhale the discharged gas and to ventilate immediately after use

How to use a fire hydrant

  • Step.01 Taking out hose : Open up the fire hydrant box, pull out the hose and spread it out up to the point of fire untwisted
  • Step.02 Opening of on-off valve : Slowly turn the fire hydrant valve counterclockwise open it
  • Step.03 Shooting water : Grab the end of the hose with both hands and shoot water towards the fire
  • At least 2 people, including a nozzle controller, on-off valve and hose controller, are needed
  • Make sure the hose is not bent when using the fire hydrant and, as the hose may bouncehigh, do not put down or let go of the nozzle during use.

How to open emergency cock

  • Step.01 Checking location : Check the location of emergency cock on the entrance and open up the cove
  • Step.02 Controlling emergency cock : Grab the emergency cock and pull it towards the body
  • Step.03 Opening the entrance door : Grab the entrance door with both hands and pull it open
  • Emergency cocks on the entrance door are located at the bottom of both sides of chairs in a car
  • When you jump onto the tracks, make sure to check if a train is coming

How to use emergency phone

How to use emergency phone
Quantity 2 for each car
How to use Open up the cover and take out the microphone
Function An emergency alarm rings in the operator’s room and it is possible to talk with crew members via microphone
Others Installed in interior material replacement vehicles

Locations at which emergency phones are installed in trains

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