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Title Information on using the subway for the 「Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018」
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Information on using the subway for the

Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018


1. Date and time : 1:00 PM 9:30 PM. October 06. 2018. SAT


2. Place : in the surroundings of Yeouido Hangang Park and 63building


3. Information on the use of the subway at the event site

  ○ Yeouinaru Station, Line 5: Move 243m from Exit 3

  ○ Yeouido Station, Line 5: Move 1.3km from Exit 5

  ○ Mapo Station, Line 5: Move 2.4km from Exit 4

  ○ Singil Station, Line 5: Move 2.2km from Exit 1

  ○ Ichon Station, Line 4: Move 4.4km from Exit 4


4. Line 5 doesn’t stop at Yeouinaru Station for an hour

  Entrance into Yeouinaru Station will be temporarily controlled for about one hour, for the safety of the visitors after the Festival

  ※ Use of nearby Yeouido and Mapo Station when passing through Yeouido Station


5. Refer to the official event website for more information.


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